Where to Live in Australia

If you’re planning on moving Down Under, choosing where to live in Australia is one of the biggest and most important decisions you’ll make.

In a country so enormous, factors such as climate, job availability and property prices vary dramatically from city to city.

To help make your decision, the blog posts on this page cover important information for Australia’s major cities. You’ll learn about weather, rental prices, property prices and factors such as daylight hours, that you may not have thought of.

2. Perth

The lowdown on living in Perth for anyone moving to Australia & deciding which Australian city to live in. Read about Perth weather, lifestyle, job market, beautiful Perth beaches & Kings Park, Perth nightlife & nearby holiday destinations such as Rottnest Island & Margaret River!

Living in Perth: Is Australia’s Sunniest Capital for You?

With affordable property and a wealth of gorgeous beaches, Perth is an attractive destination for new expats.

While the city may be too quiet and isolated for some, it’s a great choice for those looking for a laidback lifestyle and a sunny, Mediterranean climate.

I spent five months living in Perth when I immigrated to Australia and thoroughly enjoyed it! Click the button to read more about life in Perth or check out my migration stories below.

3. Sydney

The lowdown on living in Sydney for those deciding where to live in Australia: lifestyle, Sydney beaches, weather & property.

Living in Sydney: Lifestyle, Beaches, Weather & Property

Sydney is Australia’s largest city and main financial hub. With over 100 beaches, multiple national parks and a beautiful natural harbour, Sydney combines the hustle of a major city with the scenery and laidback lifestyle of a beautiful beachside suburb.

Personally, Sydney is my dream city and I’ve lived here since 2016. In terms of property prices compared to median wages though, Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia and one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Check out my overview of living in Sydney to find out more, or read through my other Sydney guides below.

4. Melbourne

Overview of living in Melbourne for those thinking of moving to Australia.

Living in Melbourne: Most-Liveable City in Australia

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and the next expensive for property after Sydney. While it reaches hot temperatures in the summertime, the city generally has cooler weather than the other capitals.

Melbourne has a choice of beaches and natural attractions and lies close to the famous Great Ocean Road. However, the city is best known for its cool, cosmopolitan edge and funky arts scene.

Click the button below to read my overview of Melbourne.

5. Brisbane

Lifestyle overview of living in Brisbane, Australia.

Living in Brisbane: Lifestyle in Australia’s River City

Situated up in sunny Queensland, Brisbane has a much milder climate than Australia’s more southern cities, albeit very humid in summer.

While the city doesn’t have the beaches of Sydney or Melbourne, it does have a fantastic, friendly vibe, affordable property, a growing cafe scene and easy access to lots of stunning holiday locations.

I spent a year in Brisbane as an exchange student and absolutely loved it. I think it’s a great choice for families too. Click the button below to learn more about life in Brisbane.

6. Adelaide

Overview of living in Adelaide Australia.

Living in Adelaide: Affordable Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the more underrated cities in Australia, Adelaide is a lot more cosmopolitan than it used to be, and I enjoyed spending Christmas and New Year there back in 2015.

With a great choice of beaches, a large CBD and a pretty riverside area in Elder Park, there’s plenty to do in the capital of South Australia.

While Adelaide gets very hot in summer, it’s less humid than Sydney and Brisbane. Property is also cheaper on average than in the cities mentioned above. Click the button to learn more about living in Adelaide.

7. Canberra

Blog post on living in Canberra, Australia's capital and most-educated city.

Living in Canberra: Australia’s Most-Educated City

While Canberra, the capital of Australia, is best known for its parliament buildings and museums, there is far more to the city than war memorials and tourist attractions.

While it’s situated inland, Canberra is only two hours from the beach and two hours from Australia’s ski resorts (yes, Australia has snow)! It also enjoys more distinct seasons than most of the coastal cities, with winter temperatures dropping below zero at night.

Canberra is also known as Australia’s most-educated city and has one of the country’s top universities. Click the button below to learn more about life in Canberra.

8. Hobart

Discover if living in Hobart, Tasmania could be for you. This lifestyle overview covers Hobart's population, real estate, attractions landscape & more.

Living in Hobart: Laidback Island Lifestyle

Hobart, that capital of Tasmania, is certainly one of the more picturesque Australian cities, with its sprawling harbour and mountainous backdrop.

If you prefer a cooler climate and want access to a choice of rural scenery, life in Tasmania could be an option for you.

I spent three weeks travelling this beautiful island, and loved the pristine lakes, winding mountain roads and gorgeous powdery beaches. Click the button below to read more about life in Hobart.