Travel Tips

If you’re longing to travel Australia and want some practical or inspirational tips, this page will help get you started.

I’ve travelled almost the whole coastline of Australia, including camping on self-driven road trips and staying in hostels on bus tours, and have shared my knowledge and experience in the guides below.

1. Budget Travel

If you’re planning on backpacking Australia or travelling cheaply, the following guides on costs and accommodation will help to plan and budget your trip.

2. Working Holiday Visa

If you’re young and want to work and travel in Australia, check out the blog posts below on the popular working holiday visa or alternative work and holiday visa.

3. Travel Inspiration

For a bit of travel inspiration or motivation to travel alone, have a read of the posts below.

4. Travel Health

Check out the articles in this section if you want to know more about Australia’s medical system or what it was like to travel during Covid-19.