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Are you looking for things to do in Sydney? I had my heart set on Australia’s harbour city from the first time I visited back in 2001. Since finally moving here permanently in 2016 and house sitting in over 50 different suburbs, I’ve explored this beautiful and diverse city from top to bottom.

Take a look through the categories and blog posts below to discover Sydney’s best beaches, walks, places to visit and weekend getaways.

1. Where to Stay in Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful but enormous city! If you’re planning a trip, make sure you read my guide on the best places to stay in Sydney! It includes the best areas as well as accommodation options.

The Best Places to Stay in Sydney: Top Areas & Hotels

Sydney is one of the most beautiful and diverse...

2. Sydney Walks & Beaches

One of the things that surprised me the most about Sydney was the amount of beautiful hikes, not to mention over 100 amazing beaches!

With miles of stunning coastline and an abundance of bushland and national parks, you can immerse yourself in nature in Sydney without even leaving the city. Browse through the guides below for inspiration.

Sydney Walks

Sydney Beaches

4. Move to Sydney

If you’re thinking of moving to Sydney, my guides below will help you decide if it’s the right city for you, as well as help you choose the best suburb to live in. I’ve lived in Sydney since 2016 and house sat in over 50 different suburbs, so I’ve experienced life first-hand all across the city!

If you’re considering moving to other cities instead, click the button below to read my guide on where to live in Australia.

Featured Sydney Video

5. Trips from Sydney

Situated in beautiful New South Wales, Sydney is surrounded by amazing places to visit. Take a look through the guides below for ideas on the best NSW getaways, or click the button to check out my NSW page for even more destinations.

Best Destinations

Blue Mountains

Central Coast & Hunter Region


Sydney Road Trips

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