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Situated on the calm blue waters of Twofold Bay, along the aptly named Sapphire Coast, Eden makes an ideal drive stop if you’re planning a Melbourne to Sydney road trip. Even though it’s a small town, there are plenty of attractions in Eden NSW to keep you occupied.

Eden lies about halfway between Sydney and Melbourne, in far South Coast New South Wales. I stayed a night in the picturesque seaside town after visiting the beautiful Gippsland Lakes region in Victoria.

With stunning coastal scenery, hikes in nearby Ben Boyd National Park and brilliant whale-watching opportunities in the springtime, there are lots of things to do in Eden NSW. I regretted only pencilling in one night there!

To discover my recommended attractions in Eden NSW, keep on reading!

Aslings Beach

The main beach in Eden is Aslings Beach, which is a beautiful long curve of sand tucked into scenic Twofold Bay. There are plenty of amazing beaches in New South Wales, but Aslings Beach in Eden has a really tranquil feel with its calm water lapping the shore.

Beautiful Aslings Beach in Eden NSW, Australia.
Aslings Beach, Eden

Lake Curalo Trail

Directly behind Aslings Beach lies beautiful Lake Curalo. Make sure you take a look, as the scenery is stunning. And if you’re feeling energetic, there’s also the 3.75km Lake Curalo trail around the perimeter that you can walk or cycle. Someone unicycled past me in hi-vis gear when I visited!

Visit Lake Curalo, one of many scenic things to do in Eden NSW.
Beautiful Lake Curalo, Eden NSW
Map of Lake Curalo Trail, a walk in Eden NSW.
Map of Lake Curalo Trail

Whales in Eden NSW

Since Twofold Bay is where the north and south currents of the Pacific Ocean collide, the waters in the area are nutrient rich, meaning Humpback whales stop and feed during their southern migration in the spring.

Whales are one of the major attractions in Eden NSW, and have played a big part in the town’s history since its whaling days. Here are some of the ways you can enjoy and learn about Eden’s whales.

Eden Killer Whale Museum

To learn about the relationship between humans and killer whales back in the days when Eden was a whaling town, pay a visit to Eden Killer Whale Museum. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and displays the skeleton of famous killer whale, Old Tom, along with other whaling memorabilia.

Whale Watching in Eden

The best time to spot whales in Eden is between mid-August and early November. Whale-watching vantage points include Aslings Beach, Rotary Park Lookout (see below) and Eden Killer Whale Museum, which sounds a horn when whales are in sight.

Whale watching information, Eden NSW Australia.

You could also coincide your visit with the Eden Whale Festival, which has plenty of fun and entertainment for all ages!

Whale Watching Cruise

If you want to make a day of it, a few companies offer whale-watching tours from Eden.

Eden Lookout & Rotary Walk

For a brilliant view of Twofold Bay, visit the headland just south of Eden town, where you’ll find Rotary Park, which has barbecues, toilets and a map of the easy Rotary Walk.

Map of Rotary Park Walk, Eden NSW.

Along the walk you’ll pass the lookout point below, a great spot for whale watching over Twofold Bay.

Eden Lookout, or Rotary Park Lookout, in Eden NSW. Perfect for whale watching!
Rotary Park Lookout – keep an eye out for whales!

Snug Cove Wharf

On the western side of Middle Head you’ll find Snug Cove, a picturesque working port where fishing trawlers leave from daily.

Snug Cove, a working port in Eden NSW.
Snug Cove Wharf

There are a couple of cafes at the wharf, as well as the Sapphire Coast Discovery Marine Centre.

Cafes at Snug Cove, Eden NSW.
Restaurants at Snug Cove Wharf

Ben Boyd National Park

Another one of the many scenic attractions in Eden is picturesque Ben Boyd National Park, which is split into two sections, one north and one south of the town.

To the south, you can visit Boyd’s Tower, yet another great lookout point for whales. I decided to check out the northern section of Ben Boyd National Park, which has the unusual rust-coloured Pinnacles formation, as well as a stunning beach at Haycock Point.

The Pinnacles Walk

Drive about ten minutes north of Eden, and you’ll see the sign for Ben Boyd National Park. Turn onto Haycock Road, then take the first turn-off to the car park at the start of the Pinnacles Loop Walk.

The Pinnacles loop walk, Ben Boyd National Park. One of many scenic attractions in Eden NSW.
The Pinnacles walk in Ben Boyd National Park

It’s only 600m to walk to the Pinnacles lookout, where you can see the colourful Pinnacles erosion feature below! There’s also a 1km loop track.

The Pinnacles, Ben Boyd National Park, NSW. One of many scenic attractions in Eden NSW.
The Pinnacles, Ben Boyd National Park

In the other direction, it’s only 325m to the lookout over stunning Pinnacles Beach.

Pinnacles Beach, Ben Boyd National Park. One of many scenic attractions in Eden NSW.
Pinnacles Beach

Haycock Point

Continue along forested Haycock Point Road and you’ll come to the picnic area at Haycock Point.

Driving to Haycock Point, Ben Boyd National Park. One of the attractions in Eden NSW.
Driving to Haycock Point, Ben Boyd National Park

From the picnic area you can easily walk down to Long Beach, or go on a longer walk to Haycock Point or Barmouth Beach (5km return).

Long Beach at Haycock Point, Ben Boyd National Park. One of the attractions in Eden NSW.
Long Beach, Haycock Point

Eden Accommodation

If you’re backpacking or on a low budget, there aren’t any hostels in Eden unfortunately. I stayed at a very low-cost motel instead, called Eden Nimo Motel.

Prices start at $55 for a double or twin room and $65 for a triple room. That’s cheaper than a hostel if there’s two or three of you! The motel was very basic, but clean, quiet and well-equipped.

Eden Nimo Motel
Inside my room at Eden Nimo Motel

If you’re camping, caravanning or prefer to stay in a self-contained cabin or villa, there are lots of holiday parks in Eden. BIG4 Beachfront Eden Holiday Park is in a stunning location right behind Legges Beach and has a rating of 8.5/10 on

Browse Eden accommodation options on Hotels Combined to get the best price. They compare prices for each hotel for all the major booking providers.

Mallacoota, Victoria

About an hour’s drive south of Eden, surrounded by Croajingolong National Park, is the pretty holiday town of Mallacoota in Victoria. If you’re heading to or from Melbourne, it makes a scenic drive stop before Eden.

From the town centre, head to Panoramic Drive (running along the water’s edge parallel to Allan Drive) to look across beautiful Mallacoota Inlet.

Mallacoota Inlet in Mallacoota, Victoria.
Mallacoota Inlet

Make sure you look down on the rocks as you just might spot a sunbathing sea lion! I wouldn’t have seen this one if someone hadn’t pointed him out!

Australian Sea lion sunbathing in Mallacoota, Victoria.
Sea lion basking in the sun at Mallacoota!

Next, follow Bastion Point Road to Bastion Point, where you can take the steps down to the beautiful beach and explore the mouth of the inlet.

Bastion Point Beach in Mallacoota, Victoria.
Beach at Bastion Point, Mallacoota

If you’re continuing a road trip towards Sydney, read my post on the scenic Sapphire Coast drive from Tathra to Bermagui next, or head straight to beautiful Batemans Bay! Enjoy all the beautiful attractions in Eden NSW if you’re planning a visit! Happy travels!

Discover the top attractions in Eden NSW and Ben Boyd National Park. Find out where to go whale watching, walking and enjoy beautiful, tranquil beaches.